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Notification of the 5th China IVD Distribution Enterprise Forum

2023/5/6 10:28:54 Views513

The 5th China IVD Distribution Enterprise Forum (CIDEF) is scheduled to be held at Primus Hotel Nanchang International Expo City on 26 May in 2023.

In the ever-changing environment today, China will accelerate the construction of a domestic-circulation development pattern. As one of the countries with the largest target population for in vitro diagnostics, the market demand for the Chinese in vitro diagnostics industry is bound to increase after the end of the epidemic. For the IVD distribution enterprises, this constantly increasing market demand presents higher requirements for their ability to provide customers with cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, and upgraded innovative services. This forum will focus on the theme of "Prioritizing Service, Establishing Industry Standards, and Creating Diverse Models", inviting industry experts, executives from listed companies, and leaders of third-party service agencies to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on the service concept, industry standards, and development experience of the IVD distribution enterprises.


13:30-18:00 | Friday, 26 May 2023


Primus Hotel Nanchang International Expo City

No.1100 Shangrao Street

Nanchang City, China


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,    The 3rd China IVD Supply Chain Expo (CISCE)

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    Honorary chairman: Liang YIN

    Chairman: Ying WANG

    Executive chairman: Qiang TU, Dongling LI, Youbin QIU



Please following https://www.caivd-org.cn/en/ for more details