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Notification of the 3rd China Key Raw Material & Parts Forum

2023/5/10 15:51:42 Views58

The 3rd China Key Raw Material & Parts Forum (CKRMPF) is scheduled to be held at Primus Hotel Nanchang International Expo City on 28 May in 2023.

This is an era of transformation, with unpredictable changes in the international landscape and ongoing medical reforms in the domestic market. It is also an era of development, as the Chinese IVD key raw material industry is experiencing a period of rapid growth. Companies are driving their own growth through innovation, leveraging technological advancements to support the development of Chinese brands. More and more IVD companies are beginning to explore the international market, and they are no longer fighting alone but actively exploring cooperation models. While the in vitro diagnostic industry is returning to a new normal, it will also usher in a new pattern.

This conference will invite influencers in the in vitro diagnostics industry, leading global enterprises in the key raw material industry, authoritative experts, and investors in the biotech industry to explore cutting-edge topics and discuss the development of the industry on site.


13:30-18:00 | Sunday, 28 May 2023


Primus Hotel Nanchang International Expo City

No.1100 Shangrao Street

Nanchang City, China


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,    The 3rd China IVD Supply Chain Expo (CISCE)

,    The 10th China IVD Industry Development Conference (CIIDC)

    The 8th China Experimental Medicine Conference (CEMC)

    Enlightening Lab Med - the 6th IVD Youth Entrepreneur Forum (ELMY)

    The 5th China IVD Distribution Enterprise Forum (CIDEF)


    Honorary chairman: Haibo SONG, Hualiang WANG

    Chairman: Peng CUI

    Executive chairman: Guangyu YANG, Huisheng ZHANG



Please following https://www.caivd-org.cn/en/ for more details