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Focus on innovative non-viral cellular therapies! GenScript Biotech and Boan Biotech enter into a strategic partnership

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GenScript Biotech, a preeminent global provider of life sciences services, and Boan Biotech, an integrated biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of biologics, announced a collaboration for the development and production of GenCircleTM dsDNA, a small circular double-stranded DNA vector without resistance markers, a key ingredient in gene and cell therapy.


GenScript Biotech will provide GenCircleTM dsDNA with GMP level research, which will help Boan Biotech further improve the efficiency of its genetically engineered T-cell technology platform "STEALTH CAR-TTM" and "ReceptorTACTM" and accelerate the development of its non-viral vector cell therapy.


Advances in non-viral vector cell therapy research


Non-viral vector cell therapy development has the advantages of safety, speed and cost control. At this stage, the problem of limited capacity of cell therapy products due to the shortage of viral vectors is emerging, and the non-viral vector cell therapy strategy is expected to be a new idea to enhance the accessibility and commercialization of cell therapy.


GenScript Biotech completed a comprehensive layout of non-viral DNA templates, including single-stranded templates (GenExactTM ssDNA), double-stranded templates (GenWandTM dsDNA), and circular templates (GenCircleTM dsDNA), ahead of the wave of non-viral cell therapies, providing research to GMP products to support the development, validation, declaration and clinical research of CRISPR, transposon and other technologies for cell therapy applications.


Boan's cell therapy business focuses on the next generation of enhanced and modifiable genetically engineered T cells and the development of new solid tumor cell therapy products using non-viral gene delivery systems. The "STEALTH CAR-TTM" and "ReceptorTACTM" innovative and differentiated cell technology platforms are based on non-viral gene delivery system, regulated enhanced structure and non-gene editing protein The technology is developed based on non-viral gene delivery systems, regulated enhanced structures and non-gene editing protein degradation. We expect to achieve new breakthroughs in solid tumor cell therapy through a series of technology layouts.


Boan Biotech & GenScript Biotech 

Collaboration content around cell therapy projects


GenScript Biotech's self-developed GenCircleTM dsDNA without resistance marker, with a backbone of only 429bp, can enhance knock-in efficiency/transposition efficiency while reducing cytotoxicity and immunogenicity, and can avoid potential risks and compliance issues associated with the introduction of resistance genes, adding to the smooth advancement of Boan's innovative non-viral vector cell therapy.


With 20 years of experience in molecular biology services, GenScript will provide specialized and customized GenCircleTM dsDNA development, manufacturing and quality control testing services to support the development of Boonbio's non-viral vector cell therapy products.


Based on this strategic cooperation, GenScript will pool its professional R&D and production team resources to provide comprehensive support for Boan's projects more efficiently and escort downstream cell therapy products with high standard reagent delivery requirements. Meanwhile, both parties will strengthen cooperation in all aspects of life science fields such as key raw materials for gene editing, nucleic acid synthesis, molecular biology services, peptide synthesis, customized protein expression and purification, and contribute wisdom and strength to accelerate the development of Boan's non-viral vector cell therapy products.