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OmicsEdge, Almaden Genomics Partner on Clinical Trial Data Analysis Service

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Original from: genomeweb

OmicsEdge and Almaden Genomics said on Thursday that they have partnered on a service to analyze patient genomic data in clinical trials. 

Under the agreement, OmicsEdge will incorporate Almaden's g.nome platform into its drug discovery service. Financial and other details were not disclosed.

"Most clinical trials do not take genomics into account as a confounding factor, even though it plays a major role in both results and analysis," Almaden Genomics CEO David Gascoigne said in a statement. "Together with OmicsEdge, our technology allows those conducting or pursuing clinical trials to incorporate genomics into the selection of targets for discovery."

Launched in 2022, g.nome offers a drag-and-drop bioinformatics workflow-building interface. Dallas-based Almaden Genomics was spun off of IBM Research in October 2022.

Miami-based OmicsEdge is part of SelfDecode, a direct-to-consumer DNA testing company, offering polygenic risk score, genetic imputation, and genome compression algorithms.

Source: OmicsEdge, Almaden Genomics Partner on Clinical Trial Data Analysis Service